Moi, Paul Derand

Moi, Paul Derand

Etna, one of the world's most dangerous volcanoes

Etna is a volcano in Sicilia.

The interesting thing about Etna is that is capable of producing eruptions with a high effusion rate and fluid lava flows (like in 1669) sometimes and strongly explosive (such as the 122BC plinian eruption) eruptions some other times. It is also this variety of eruption dynamisms that make Etna dangerous (it has a dangerosity of 6,9 as it has a VAI of 2,33 and lies in a populated area). The most common danger at Etna is lava flows, because big pyroclastic flows are rare. I estimated that 938K people could be threatened by lava flows from Etna. I must explain that this enormous number of people is explained because sometimes eruptive fissure open on the flanks (sometimes the lower flanks), and threaten more people than eruptions from a summit vent.

Moreover, Etna is capable of producing large ashfall.

Here is a website where Etna's volcanic hazards are explained with details and more information.

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