Moi, Paul Derand

Moi, Paul Derand

bardarbunga eruption update, 28 december 2014

After 4 months of eruption, activity seems to be fading.

Earthquake activty is decreasing gradually. No earthquake over magnitude 3 has been observed in the Vatnajökull region since Saturday evening (today is Sunday) and only 59 earthquakes have been recorded in the Vatnajokull region in the past 24 hours. No earthquake has been recorded since 12 hours ago in Holuhraun.

This means that the eruption may be coming to an end. However, a late regain in intensity is possible.

The eruption has emitted about 2 cubic km of lava, which is less than the largest historical eruptions such as Laki (14.7 cubic km) in 1783AD or the Eldgja (18.3 cubic km) in 934AD.

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