Moi, Paul Derand

Moi, Paul Derand

9th september: bardarbunga eruption update

Here are links I found:


Most earthquakes are located at Holuhraun (the current eruption site) and in the Bardarbunga caldera:

  • The fissure eruption at Holuhraun continues and the lava field is about 19 km².  The N part of the lava field reached a river, steaming occurs. There are  important SO2 emissions at the eruption site and SO2 clouds  extend NE-NNE-E. The dyke keeps on expanding on a N/S axis (parallel to the rift). There are no signs of the eruption coming to an end.
  • The Bardarbunga icecap partly melt locally, it may be linked to little sub-glacial eruptions in the Bardarbunga caldera. The meltwater flowed into Grimsvotn. Tremor in the Bardarbunga caldera and caldera floor deformation suggests that a more significant  eruption can take place in the Bardarbunga caldera. This subglacial eruption could lead to jokulhlaups, and eventually if it is significant enough, explosive tephra and ash-producting phreatomagmatic activtity.



Important earthquake activity in the last few days may have modified the geological arrangement of some volcano 's chimneys in Iceland. This may explain the increased tremor activity NE of Askja (or N of Herdubreid). However, this increased activity does not always mean  an eruption is imminent.


If you want me to monitor an eruption or a volcano, you are welcome to ask me to do it (as a comment below).

For any enquiry about volcanoes, ask your question as a comment below.

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